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Dumb Broad ( Born Under a Bad sign picspam recaplet - The second closest thing to a demon possession
The past is never dead, it's not even past
Dumb Broad ( Born Under a Bad sign picspam recaplet

Dean:  Sammy's gone missing!  Have you seen him?

Sam:  Here I am!

Hurts doesn't it, Dean?

My daddy shot your daddy in the head.  Believe it.

Wowza.  Evil!Sam

Jo:  You mean Sam was possessed?!?! 

Wait for it, wait for it......priceless:

Translation:  You dumb, stupid broad.  Of course he was possessed!  Do you actually think Sam would do this of his own free will?!  How thick can you get.   You. Are. Dead. To. Me.  Bitch.

One of my fave episodes of Season 2 is none other than Born Under a Bad Sign.  It has one of Jared Padalecki's best performances. He is PHENOMENAL. 'nough said.

Disclaimer:  I'm not a Jo hater, I just thought that was the dumbest thing to ever come out of her mouth.

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