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What is Supernatural? - The second closest thing to a demon possession
The past is never dead, it's not even past
What is Supernatural?

"What is Supernatural?"

That's a question I hear quite often.  My answer?  The best freakin' show on television!  Actually that is true, but to me it's so much more.  A blanket explanation would be this: it's a story of two brothers who criss-cross the USA in search of their father who's gone missing.  Along the way the hunt evil things and save people's lives.  They deal with the supernatural. 
That's just the tip of the iceberg.

It's a story of family, the sacrificing each one does for the other.  An interesting facet of the show is that every episode is like a mini horror film.  Most of the episode's are self-contained with an overlying myth-arc.  Each season focuses on one secret within the Winchester family.

Season One:
We found out Sam and Dean's mom was killed when Sam was 6 months old.  Though it was labelled as an accident the Winchester's know someone was there when Mary died, someone who pinned Mary on the ceiling.  22 years later John Winchester is on the hunt for the demon who killed her, and the boys get back together to find him.  Sam has been gone for 4 years at Stanford.  Dean has been hunting with his father.  That is until John goes on a hunt on his own and doesn't come back.  So right before the 22nd anniversary of Mary's death the boys head to Jericho, California to find their father.  This sets them on the path to find what truly happened to their mom all those years ago and the connection it has to Sam.

Season Two:
This season begins with a very important cliff-hanger from last season's (don't worry I won't spill the deets!) finale.  We now know who killed Mary, that it had to do with Sam but that is pretty much all.  They still have questions and they aim to find them out.  Sam's visions have become more consistent, no more dreams, but wide-awake visions!  Skip ahead to the last two episodes, Sam has been taken.  Disappears without any trace, except for sulphur, which is a sign of demon involvement.  The second to last episode (ep 21) we find out what Azazel wanted with Sam and that he actually knew Mary.  The season ends with Dean making a deal with a crossroads demon for Sam's life and being given only a years time before he's sent to hell!

Season Three:
Dean only has a year left, and Sam plans on keeping him out of hell!  Introduce two new characters:  Ruby and Bella.  The first two season's focused mostly on Sam, this season is all about Dean.  Because of the Writer's Strike the season was shortened to 16 episodes (6 shy of their regular 22).  This season had a lot of comedic episodes.  Such as Bad Day at Black Rock and Mystery Spot.  Now there's a new demon in town who wants to take Sam down, her names Lilith and she enjoys possessing creepy little girls.  In the end Sam and Ruby are unable to save Dean's life.  The final episode ends with Dean's eternal place in hell.

Season Four:
Dean has been let of jail by none other than angels!  Turns out they have a mission for Deanie boy.  They barely tolerate Sam and his use of newly acquired demon powers.  This is known among fan communities as Hand of Ipecac (or something like that).  Things get really complicating when we find out Sam's been dipping his wick in a demon. HA!  Grapic impression, eh?  Could this season be gearing up to a Sam vs. Dean and Demon vs. Angel war?  Only time will tell.  But hopefully the boys will have the good sense to remember family is more important than anything else.

And that is an in-depth, but only brushing the surface explanation of what Supernatural is.

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